We make your dreams come true and create opportunities by taking you there!

From an idea with a simple goal- to provide affordable, safe and comfy rides to the Nigerian market, Shuttle has transformed into a large on-demand tech cab hailing start-up that offers freedom of mobility for people by leveraging on the tech ability of Nigerians to provide transportation solutions through an inclusive model.

Shuttle, a proudly Nigerian developed e-cab hailing service, was created after having recognized the needs of a growing population in south-east and south-south marred by the unreliable and expensive services of the traditional taxi industry. By integrating city transport with our driver partners on a mobile app platform, shuttle ensures a convenient, comfortable, safe and fast daily commute through a range of affordable deluxe rides 24/7!

Connecting people and a community together leads to a life changing experience! Shuttle takes you to the place that matters most, whether it's going about town with ease, touring the city and living it up or achieving the goal of being your own boss and living a better life. We empower people to make the world a better place with the aid of technology. Shuttle now provides a forte where businesses, manufacturers, owners as well as financial institutions can connect, grow, network and interact to make movement hassle-free

Because we care about you, safety is the heart of shuttle. Every driver and vehicle is thoroughly screened and must maintain a star rating above a set minimum. Our training systems and code of conduct are continually improved with the help of our riders to ensure the highest level of service. We have got you insured for every ride you take and a 24/7 call and emergency centre just at the touch of a button on the app.

We improve the lives of our partners. We don't just enable them earn a profit, we ensure its hassle free. Our entrepreneurship program enables our drive partners to do more than just drive. We empower them with the skills and knowledge to run a small enterprise and be the best they can be. We envision a future where transportation becomes seamless and everyone would have access to affordable and convenient transportation because we plan to be there for you. Our goal is to ensure that every single person in Nigeria will be able to commute safely to work, to school and to spend time with family and friends.

Our Vision - To drive towards a better Future!
SHUTTLE - The Ultimate Riding Experience!!!!!